Building System


Oval tube

«Survival Tube», oval, sculptural, a-thermic, 20 x 10 x 5 m interior height, a Newood Concept

The peeled sphere

«The peeled sphere», after a picture of a friend peeling an orange.


Model «Quadra», upscale residence, a thermal, earthquake resistant, 350 m2 plinth area with a living room of 64 m2 free span in the center under 4 hyperbolic parabolas (double curved elements) as well as a greenhouse of 20 m2 making the transition between the habitat and the garden.


Model «Kibera», 2 levels, ultra social, single family dwelling, athermic, earthquake resistant, 40 m2 plinth area, for 6 persons (parents and 4 children) with a footprint of the building of 25 m2. To be located on a plot of 100 m2 for the building, the circulation and a vegetable garden of 50 m2. Equipped with a dry toilet and a compost bin. Designed for industrial self-buillding (a plant produces the necessary blocks and the population build’s for itself).


Model «Timeuble», curved forewords, an eye on the courtyard to welcome the inhabitants. With terraced vegetable gardens. 4 levels, 8 extended studios with a separate bedroom of 50 m2 each.

Senior housing

Two modules which can be put together during the day with one crane directly from the road in the garden of the children’s houses without the bother of a building company which would build in situ.

The Workshop

«The Workshop» (1-3), 2 levels, 900 m2 plinth area, work and live, a-thermic, a Newood concept.


Model «NEES», a-thermic, earthquake resistant test model, 4 stories x 70 m2 plinth area per story = 280 m2 total plinth area, height = 13 meters, a Newood concept. Planned to be tested on the NEHRI shake table at San Diego.


«The Passageways», a thermic collective housing, 4 stories, 4 x 400 m2 plinth area, height = 14 meters, with a pedestrian network of passageways in height improving social relations and control, a Newood concept.


Model “Simplissimo”, social housing, 2 bedrooms, stackable, 77 m2 plinth area.

Tangram set

Model “Tangram set”, 3 levels, 120 m2 plinth area.


Model “Quadrature”, 4 studios of 30 m2, 2 levels, with a common space of 40 m2 on the ground floor and 4 individual terraces on the first floor.

Step over

Model «Step over», a thermic collective housing, 12 stories, 5 000 m2 plinth area, height = 39 meters, a Newood concept.


The Multi-Ateliers, with 50 m2 first level and 25 m2 mezzanine/office.


Musée George Pompidou

A passageway on the 6th level in an omega form, 26 m long, 4 meters diameter, curved at the end of 60°.


Newood and it’s formability.  A spiral that allows the realization of tubes of all dimensions. Here the thickness of the shell = 40 mm and the diameter of the tube 50 cm.


Newood, model Quadra, hyperbolic parabolas, 9×9 and 4.5m high.

Villa Oykos

Model «Villa Oykos», individual family dwelling, athermic, 160 m2 plinth area.


La Floriade (ten-year flower exhibition, Netherlands). And on the other hand the realization of 12 sales stores from 4 to 12 m front for a total of 1500 m2 useful. There is not the slightest bending during lifting.

The Bird

“The Bird”. Commissioned for the production of a sculpture of the blue nozzle of the Province of Flevoland (Netherlands). 30 m wide by 6 m high. It is probably the largest sculpture of a bird ever made. Used as an emblem for the presentation of a dozen industries in the region under the slogan “Under the wings of Flevoland” at an international exhibition in Amsterdam.

Industrial building

Newood, industrial building : length 35 m, height 6 m by a free span of 15 m. The shell thickness is 0,40 m.


The Atelier PPAM (perfume, aromatic and medicinal plants) of 30 x 10 x 5 m at the ridge. Newood way glulam trusses so to create inside multiple work lockers. With a chapel atmosphere.